Please note that we are not adding further rental properties to our fleet at this time. Please email us to register an interest in letting with us and we will be in touch if a slot becomes available.

Marketing, Booking and Rental Management Services

If you’re a static caravan owner at Haven’s Hopton Holiday Village and wish to rent privately but don’t have the time or marketing skills to optimise rentals, Caravan Holidays Hopton offer affordable, no risk marketing, booking and rental management services.

As owners ourselves, we know how much time and effort it takes to market holidays effectively and attract the right type of customer throughout the season. That’s why we offer a comprehensive booking and rental management service to fellow owners with immaculate, well maintained and well equipped caravans, regardless of age.

We offer two levels of service.  Package 1 is the full marketing and booking management service.  Package 2 is our marketing only package.  Package 1 is the most popular service for stress-free rental.

Static caravan marketing and rental management service at Haven Hopton Holiday Village

Key Information

How Do we Sign Up?

It’s quick and easy to sign up to our services.  All you need to do is contact us and we will send you the forms and information pack. Once you’re happy to proceed, return the forms to us and we will make arrangements to meet with you and to take internal and external pictures of your caravan.
Contact us on 01502 456004

How Much is the Set Up Fee?

Set up is completely free! Set up includes photographs, listings, inventory, information pack, booking forms, branded cards, keyring and window sticker. Guests often book based on the images so it’s important your van looks its best; you may find me tweaking your curtains, tucking in the bedding, straightening pictures or plumping cushions to get the best pictures.

How Much Does it Cost?

We charge a flat fee of £50 or 10% (whichever is greater) per booking to cover marketing, administration and payment processing.  There will also be a fee for cleaning of between £30-£40.  In short, for every booking we take on your behalf, the fee will be deducted from your letting income for management services, plus the cleaning cost. For this fee, we look after everything from start to finish for you – including all the marketing and responding to enquiries, taking deposits, organising payment plans and processing bonds, guest and cleaning liaison, and all the follow up and customer service needed to ensure guests have a wonderful stay.

How Quickly Can we be Online?

The quicker the forms come back to us, the quicker we can get you online.  We aim to have your caravan’s photographs edited and the unique description written within a few days of our visit.  You will have your own dedicated page on our popular website; this will also list your caravan’s seasonal availability.

Once your website page is live, we will begin to list you elsewhere online, including dedicated and group listings.  Your caravan will also be periodically featured on our social media accounts. We are not able to start taking bookings until you return your completed contract.

Can we Still Use Our Caravan?

First and foremost, it is your holiday home and it’s really important to us that you and your family get to enjoy it.  All you need to do is let us know what dates you do/don’t want us to market for you at the start of each season.  If you have given us a date to market and we’ve secured a booking, we must insist you honour that booking to avoid disappointed guests.  Failure to honour will result in a £100 penalty charge.

What About Short Notice Stays?

We operate a live booking system that feeds in to other marketing platforms so it is possible for us to take bookings up to 10am on check in days, later if it’s a telephone booking.  If you want to come up last minute on date you’ve allocated to us for marketing, please telephone us before you leave to double-check there hasn’t been any last minute bookings. Two-way communication is key and we are always on hand to speak to you.

Do you Have Minimum Letting Terms?

No, there is no minimum letting requirement as we understand every owner’s requirements are different.  We have some owners that let all season, some for just the school holidays, others who just let Monday to Friday; as and when you let is up to you but we’re happy to guide you.  Bear in mind that you will maximise your income during the peak season, with school holiday dates being in higher demand. If we have a specific request for your caravan on a blocked date, we will contact you to see if you will release.

Can we Take our own Bookings?

Yes, you can.  We know you have friends and family that will also want to use your caravan from time-to-time. However, it is absolutely essential you notify us of any bookings you receive straight away so we can update our live booking system.  This is particularly important during peak times and the school holidays to avoid double bookings.  Please note that our guest booking will always take priority over yours if we are unable to source alternative accommodation.

How are we Notified About Bookings?

When we receive a booking, you are personally notified as soon as possible by your chosen communication method.  We understand some owners prefer email, whilst others prefer a text or even a Facebook message. Just let us know when you sign up. The booking notification will outline the date of arrival, the duration of stay, the cost before fees, the guest’s name and number of guests so you can keep a note your side too.

How Can we Track Bookings?

Alongside your notifications, we also have a live availability calendar on your own caravan’s website page that you can check 24/7.  Plus, once you have your first booking, you will be issued with login details to access your personalised database that records all booking dates and outlines your gross and net income, booking fees and cleaning costs so you can view your running earnings tally at any point throughout the season.

When do we Get Paid?

Initially, we paid monthly but having spoken with our owners, they prefer to be paid at the end of June and October in lump sums so they have a nice amount to put towards their site fees.  Otherwise, smaller amounts can easily get swallowed up or used elsewhere.  From 2018, we will no longer be able to pay directly in to your Hopton owner account.  We will make a bank transfer to your chosen bank account.  Your database totals will tally up the amount you receive for each payment and will serve as your remittance.  All earnings are kept in a dedicated lettings account.

How Much Does Cleaning Cost?

Cleaning is between £30 to £40 per booking depending on your caravan’s size and the housekeeping team assigned.  We ask you to leave your caravan clean then housekeeping will make up of the beds, be on hand for your guests on arrival until 6pm and perform a full clean on departure.  On departure, the housekeeping team will check out your guests and notify us if there are any obvious issues with the let.  Problems are rare but accidents (not wear and tear) do sometimes happen, which is why we hold a security bond for each guest.

Do you Vet Guests?

It’s impossible to 100% vet all guests but we do our very best to reiterate that they are renting a privately owned holiday home and they should take very good care of it during their stay. This is not only displayed on our website but is also included on our booking form and within our information folder. We encourage guests to take extra care of your holiday home by offering them an incentive discount on their next stay when their depart leaving everything as it should be.  If you wish to opt out, let us know.

Furthermore, we are registered with GuestScan and are also members of several Facebook groups that record names of troublesome guests that we can cross-check.

Do you Take a Security Bond?

Absolutely! We take a security bond of £75 per booking which is charged to the guest’s card and held on account until their stay is complete. 

On departure, the housekeeping team will notify us of any obvious damage or issues encountered. In the main, it tends to be the odd broken piece of crockery or glassware, or perhaps a stain on the bed linen – all of which are to be expected in hospitality.  However, we will deduct the cost of cleaning or replacement from their bond and refund the difference back to the guest.  That way, it’s fair to both owner and guest. Should you need to make a claim against your insurance, the £75 can be used towards your excess.

Who Sets the Prices?

In the main, owners opt to follow our researched pricing structure that gives you a maximum and minimum earning amount for set dates throughout the season. This affords us the flexibility to offer discounts during slow periods and optimise income during the most popular dates.  It also helps to keep all of our pricing across the caravan grades consistent.  If you prefer to set your own rental prices, please let us know what they are when you sign up.

Do You Offer Discounts?

Yes, we offer a standard 15% discount to all guests that book directly on our website.  We feel it is important to reward guests for booking directly on our website, rather than via the other online travel agents. The discount is deducted from the rental price and helps us to build guest loyalty.  Afterall, if we’ve had great guests stay once, we want them to come back again and save 15% as we know they love Hopton and our holiday homes.

Do we Need to Strip the Caravan?

No, stripping down a caravan before lets is a such a headache for owners and eats in to your time here at Hopton.  What makes booking with us different to booking directly with Haven is the fact that the guest experiences that home-from-home feel.  They really appreciate all the little extras and ornaments you get in a privately rented caravan.  What we would advise is that you remove any personal or sentimental items – lock away anything you’d be mortified about if it got lost or broken.

What Should be in The Caravan?

On sign up, we will issue you with an inventory listing which will give you a good understanding of what’s required in a holiday home, including linen requirements.  Most of it, you will have already so the outlay will be minimal. Little extras such as children’s toys, books and games are a great idea to include, together with some DVDs, an umbrella, a torch, a first aid kit, a coolbag, etc.  Beach toys are also appreciated by holidaymakers and some owners also provide things such as BBQs and golf clubs.

Should we Leave Cleaning Products?

In our experience, if you leave a good supply of cleaning products, guests will be more likely to use them and keep the caravan clean during their stay. We have to remember that many guests only come away for a few days and don’t want to have to lug all that stuff with them or spend £10-15 in the shop buying them.  We recommend you leave basics such as tea towels, washing up liquid, hand soap, toilet cleaner and multi-purpose spray. We would advise against leaving bleach-based products.  Spares can be locked away under your bed or in your sofa storage area.

Should we Leave Refreshments?

Having reviewed guest feedback, one of the most appreciated things on arrival is to be able to have a cuppa on arrival following a long journey.  With this in mind, we do ask that basics are left in the caravan for guest use, this includes tea, coffee and sugar, salt, pepper and vinegar and cooking oil.  Other store cupboard basics that come in handy, include tin foil, clingfilm and some plastic storage containers. Small things that make a big difference to holiday makers.

Do you Ask for Guest Reviews?

Of course, feedback is essential and guest satisfaction is a priority. Our booking system is set up to automatically invite our guests to leave independant feedback shortly after departure. We periodically take time to review our guest comments and take on board any feedback to continually improve our star rating, which currently stands at 4.7/5 for the 2017 season.  In addition, we also place a guest book in the caravans where it is requested and our social media pages are also set up to accept guest reviews.

Rental Periods

You can rent out your caravan as much or as little as you like to suit your needs. You can rent 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 night stays with changeovers on Mondays, Fridays and (selected) Saturdays in peak season and from 2 nights in low season. If you decide you want to add or remove letting periods further down the line, you just have to let us know so we can adjust your availability calendar accordingly. There are no buy back fees or giving 6 weeks’ notice for wanting to stay in your own caravan if it is not let.

Where do you Advertise?

Our office is always a hive of activity, even in low season. Not only do we have our own highly optimised website that shows up very well in competitive Google searches, we also avail of PPC advertising and other online marketing avenues.  In addition, we list on major selling sites and on popular caravan rental sites, are very active on the popular social media platforms, send out regular mailshots, write a blog and participate in a variety of offline promotional activities.

What Berth Should we Let as?

This is entirely up to you, just let us know before marketing commences.  Some owners prefer not to allow the use of the pull-out bed, others appreciate that guests look for accomodation with maximum occupancy. If you do lower your occupancy numbers, you may be restricting its letting potential.  Because we like to optimise lettings for our owners, you may opt to prefer not to let it out as maximum occupancy but allow us to use our discretion if it means a booking, or not.

Should we be Pet Friendly?

The choice is yours, it can be a yes, no or subject to discretion.  There is a lack of pet friendly accomodation here at Hopton and they always prove to be very popular.  Since we launched, we have experienced zero damage caused by pets and have found owners to be very respectful.  We don’t allow pets on the sofas or beds and if there is evidence of this, the pet aspect of the security bond is retained. 

Working Together

We aim to create a network of holiday home owners keen to maximise occupancy throughout the rental season; providing accommodation to holidaymakers that generate referrals and repeat bookings. With multiple static caravans available, we can cater for all budgets and accommodate larger families and groups of friends looking for several caravans, whilst helping towards site fees.

Referral Discounts

Owner Referral Scheme: Being an owner at Hopton is like being part of a unique family and we all work together.  Our ethos is collaboration, not competition.  By referring our marketing and management  services to another owner on park and you could earn £50 (free booking fee) once they’ve signed up and received their first booking.

Out of Season Letting

There’s nothing in the park rules that states you can’t let out your holiday home once the main complex is closed.  Some guests like to just come away for a few days relaxation or grab a low cost break, whilst others take the time to visit friends and family in the area.  The only restrictions are weekends only and 10 days either side of Christmas.

How Many Sets of Keys are Needed?

We will require 3 sets of keys, including an alarm key if you have an alarm. Two keys will be handed to the housekeeping manager looking after your caravan.  One set with access keys on is used by the housekeeping team and the other set is for guest use. The third set will be held by the office. If you have under bed or under-sofa storage where your linen, etc. is kept, we will also need 2 sets of those keys too.

You will also require a key safe so guests can check in and out on busy days or if they are arriving after check in closes.  We can organise installation of a key safe for £25.00

How Many Sets of Linen are Needed?

We will require 2 sets of linen for each bed, including the pull out bed.  You will need a mattress protectors (waterproof recommended) and 2 fitted sheets, duvet covers and pillows case sets for each bed so we have sufficient linen for back-to-back lets.  Linen can be purchased inexpensively online or instore as they will get a lot of use and will likely need replacing at the end of the season or should they become stained from use.

All items of bedding must be labelled (not iron-on as they come off). Try as their labels when applied to the care label seem to last better than others.

Complaints Process

Our terms and conditions state that guests should raise any concerns or complaints during their stay. This then gives us and you the opportunity to recitify any matters there and then. It’s really important that all our guests have a wonderful experience from start to finish and we take all feedback very seriously.  Small matters such as a kettle not working we will aim to handle or where required, liaise on your behalf to bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion.

Do You Offer Other Services?

During our time on park, we have developed excellent working relationships and discounted rates with many local contractors and can put you in touch with people you need to perform drain downs, decking cleans, gutter maintenance, carpet replacement, sofa covering, PAT testing, gas checks, etc.  We can also recommend independent insurance services where you can get the same cover for considerably less than Haven. Ask us for the referral code.


We are currently members of NACO (National Association of Caravan Owners) and also subscribe to the Guest Scan service to ensure we keep up-to-date with industry news and can help to minimise disruptive guests.  We also have ICO registration to ensure we handle guest and owner data in accordance with the Data Protection Act.  We are also fully insured by AXA.

We Have Another Question

If you have any other questions or require clarification, please get in touch with us.  We would be pleased to speak to you over the phone or to meet you in person over a coffee. It’s really important that you fully understand everything to make an informed decision.  Never be afraid to ask a question.
Contact us on 01502 456004

Packages Available

With Haven changing their owner rental rules regarding peak lettings, many owners are now opting for one of these services to secure guest rentals without being tied into giving up specific weeks. We offer flexible and affordable letting services for owners on park.

Marketing and Rental Management Package

£50 or 10% per booking*
  • Creating a SEO optimised web page
  • Staging the caravan for rental photographs
  • Taking internal and external digital photographs
  • Preparing the accommodation listing
  • Researching seasonal prices for your caravan’s grade
  • Promoting across social media
  • Listing on multiple rental websites
  • Handling your keys
  • Meeting and greeting guests on arrival 
  • Handling all Enquiries
  • Coordinating multiple rental bookings
  • Conducting online searches
  • Obtaining booking details
  • Managing your booking calendar
  • Linking to a spreadsheet that tracks bookings and earnings 
  • Providing an online booking system
  • Advertising your own rental dates
  • Full booking management; deposits, balance, reminders
  • Completing all booking administration
  • Securely processing payments
  • Participating in guest monitoring and intelligence schemes/groups
  • Requesting additional guest information
  • Liaising with the cleaning contractors
  • Paying your cleaner from the balance
  • Sending a welcome message on day of arrival
  • Following up with guests for feedback
  • Encouraging repeat bookings
  • Granting use of our T&Cs
  • Supplying a guest information/welcome poster
  • Placing business cards in your caravan
  • Supplying ‘for hire’ window stickers
  • Supplying a branded key fob
  • Providing an online guests’ comment book (reviews)
  • Providing a comprehensive guest information pack
  • Transferring balances to your account
  • Taking and refunding security bonds
  • Writing blog posts and newsletters
  • Supplying hand towels and tea towels
  • Installing keysafes and security features (item charge applies)
  • Putting up signage in the caravan
  • Welcome Information supplied to guests
  • Inclusion in our #bookdirect discount scheme
  • *£50 or 10% per booking (whichever is greater), plus cleaning fee

Marketing Only Package

£40per booking*
  • Creating a SEO optimised web page
  • Taking internal and external digital photographs
  • Preparing an accommodation listing
  • Promoting across social media
  • Advertising online and offline
  • Handling all enquiries
  • Taking the initial £50 deposit
  • Transferring the initial deposit to you, less marketing fee
  • Notifying you of all guest booking details to manage your own rentals
  • Placing business cards in your caravan
  • Supplying  ‘For Hire’ window stickers
  • Owner collects balance payment
  • Owner arranges and pays for their own clean and linen provision
  • Owner organises check in and check out directly with guest
  • Owner arranges collection and return of the security bond
  • *£40 per booking