Notice to Guests Regarding Insects

insects in holiday homesInsects in Holiday Homes

At this time of year, the appearance of insects in holiday homes such as ants, spiders, fruit flies, etc. is very common.

Haven have sought advice concerning the issue of insects in holiday homes on park. The local Environmental Health Officer has confirmed that the insects do appear for no apparent reason and don’t reflect a lack of hygiene. The presence of insects is attributed to a force of nature but we apologise for any inconvenience they may cause you during your stay.

To help, it is important to remove food sources to discourage their presence; we suggest you do not leave comestibles exposed, particularly in the kitchen.

For safety reasons, all holiday homes have vents which cannot be covered.  Therefore, there will always be access points for insects.

Whilst we cannot prevent entry of insects in holiday homes, we will always try to support you during your stay by offering to supply ant traps and to contact Haven to treat your holiday home.  However, you will need to vacate your holiday home during treatment and for 30 minutes after the treatment has been applied by Haven.

If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on: 01502 456004.