Top 10 Packing Tips for a Caravan Holiday

Packing Tips

Packing to go away for a week or even a few days can be a chore if you’re not organised.  My family and I have taken so many caravan holidays in the past 5 years, we now have it off to a fine art so we thought we would share our top 10 packing tips for caravan holidays.

Booking your holiday with Caravan Holidays Hopton means you won’t need to pack so much stuff either as the basics such as tea and coffee, salt and pepper, and basic cleaning essentials are all included.

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Tip 1: Use a Soft-Sided Bag

Soft sided bags are easier to store in a caravan than bulky suitcases.  With limited storage space, an empty bag can be popped under the bed or in a cupboard more easily. Sports bags are good by my favorite is the good old fashioned laundry bag. Big enough for everything but packs away really small.

Tip 2: Roll, Don’t Fold Clothes

Rolling clothes helps you to get more packed in to your bag, plus it helps to eliminate creases.  A good friend that travels with just a small bag taught me this tip long ago. I’ve since tried it and would never go back to folding clothes. For maximum space-saving, vac-pack the rolled clothes.

Tip 3: Use Every Bit of Space

Why waste space?  Reduce the size of the bag you need by packing wisely.  There’s lots of natty ideas online such as tucking things in to your shoes, stacking your bras and fold them in half, stringing necklaces through straws, using a contact lens case to decant face cream and foundation and wearing your bulkiest clothes on the journey.

Tip 4: Make and Save a List

If you go away regularly, make a list and type it up so its to hand whenever you go away.  Include everything you and your family will need, including all the bits and bobs such as phone chargers.  I have two columns, one for the item and another one to tick off when it’s been packed.  It saves a lot of last minute ‘did I pack XYZ?’ just before you’re about to leave the house.

Tip 5: Use Ziplock Bags

Why take big items for just a few days away? Ziplock bags come in really handy for storing things and only packing a smaller amount. Ok, they’re not as glamourous as your favourite wash bag and make up bag but they save a lot of space because you can only pack essentials.

Tip 6: Cling Film Open Products

If you don’t decant products down in to smaller travel sized bottles, it is a good idea to remove the product cap/lid and pop a piece of cling film over the end before replacing the cap/lid.  It helps to contain any spillages.  You don’t want to arrive to find shampoo all over your favourite jeans!

Tip 7: Pack a Bin Bag

Packing a few bin bags can come in handy for bringing back dirty laundry and damp towels. Using bin bags helps to keep your worn and soiled clothes separate on your return journey so your good clothes don’t go smelly. Plus, it’s easier to bung it all in the wash when you get home.

Tip 8: Don’t Over Pack

We are all guilty of thinking what if…? and packing for all eventualities. Stop! Think capsule wardrobe, packing coordinating colours and layers to pack less and wear more. To save space, wear your heaviest/bulkiest items for the journey and shove coats in the footwell.

Tip 9: What’s on Top?

What will you be doing first when you arrive? If you will be arriving late, pack PJs and bedtime bits on top so they’re easily accessible until you unpack in the morning.  If you’re arriving in the daytime and want to go the beach or pool, think swimmers and a towel.

Tip 10: Hire What You Need

If you don’t have much room in the car, why not hire children’s essentials? We have a range of items available to hire for £5 per stay, including bed guards, travel cots, baby packs, strollers, sterilisers and high chairs. If you pre-book, they will be in your caravan when you arrive.